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It’s been a really busy year so far – a combination of family (tiny babe is now a busy, busy toddler), work, and moving to our first owned home. Hooray! So much to celebrate!

I’ll have to keep this post short, there’s editing to be done from a family shoot today. But I’ll post 2 links. One to my business Facebook page which is updated a good deal more often than my blog. If you like what you see, please hit the “Like” button. You’ll get updates and also get to see more of my photography:

And finally, a link to the North York General Hospital Foundation’s photo gallery of their recent Masters Tournament which I shot. I look forward to this event every year. It’s so much fun.

Here are a few extra photos that I really love from that day. Click on one to see them all larger in a gallery.


This is my daughter. I have the dilemma of most parents – finding a balance between family and work. It’s a tough balance to achieve, which is why I’ve been so remiss at posting on my blog. But really, why would I want to stare at a computer when I have her beautiful self to gaze at? I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds¬† of photographs of my baby. She is wonderful!

This photo is from a walk we took together. The cosmos are still blooming in Toronto, drinking in the Autumn sunshine when they can get it.

Once again, I am posting a shoot that is over due. Perhaps one day, I’ll get around to posting some of the hundreds of photographs I’ve taken of the reason for the posting delays – my daughter Hazel. Until then, I present Hudson and his family. Hudson was born the same day as Hazel at the same hospital. I photographed Hudson before Christmas. He’s a cheerful baby boy with a fur-brother named Google.

Recently, our Mom group from the hospital got together. All of the babies have changed so much – they are all bigger, moving more, babbling, and all had a pair of tiny, sharp teeth poking up from their bottom gums. It’s amazing to see the changes. Our babies are turning into little people. You can see it in their faces. They look more like toddlers than babies now – the chubby cheeks not so rounded, heads balanced on little necks, and their curious eyes full of awareness of the world around them.

All of this change is the reason why I think photographs are such an important part of documenting our babies and children. It’s such a short part of their lives – so fleeting. Yet, as parents, one of the toughest to remember (I think) due to chronic sleep deprivation! We’re all so busy, but try to take 1/60th of a second to pause, take a photograph and appreciate the wiggly person in front of you. Take lots of pictures – you’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take. Hire a professional photographer to come and shoot a session with your family.

You can see more photographs of Hudson and family on my Facebook page:!/pages/Trina-Turl-Photography/101982519846695

This post is a little over due. (The voice in my head says: A LITTLE?! You haven’t posted anything for almost a year woman!) In the Autumn of 2010 I had two shoots which lead to some published work.

The first shoot was a fun day working with my sister and her motorbike in a friend’s garage creating an image for the 2011 Racing Girls Calendar. I’d never had the opportunity to shoot something a bit sexy before. Anyone who knows me might find the idea of me doing sexy funny since I’m generally clueless about the subject. I was so excited to see the finished product in December! It looks fantastic! Sarah is a super model and I think she picked the perfect frame from the shoot – one that showcases her wicked long legs and her personality.

The full, un-cropped image.

The final product!

One of many Just-For-Fun outtakes.

The second shoot was for a local patisserie – Rahier. I’ve done work for them before. It’s always a challenge not to eat their tasty cakes while I’m photographing them! You can see my past work for Rahier by visiting their website: All of the pictures are mine.

This shoot was a quick one for Cacao Barry’s industry magazine Simply Chocolate. The issue is fresh off the presses!

The original, full image.

The published image and recipe.

The Bakers and Pastry Chefs who make the goodies and another sweet treat from the shoot.