After a miserable wet and cold start to spring, we finally had some sunny weather here in Toronto. With the sun and warmth came the blossoming of the Japanese cherry trees in High Park. It’s a very busy time in the park – every second person has a camera and every third person is toting a D-SLR with an imposing lens. When out shooting for pleasure, I like to keep things simple and low-key. I opted to bring my trusty 50mm F1.8 Nikkor lens (which is closer to a 70mm on my Fuji S5) and a loaned (Thanks Mike!) 17-55mm F2.8 Nikkor lens. My goal: To capture the mood of a new spring day. After a long winter, Spring feels like a dream to me. I love my dreamy cherry tree photos, I hope you do too!

Please click through to see some more images on my Facebook page. I went to the park with my husband and baby daughter, so there are a few photos of them. It’s my baby’s first Spring on Earth and I want her to know how wonderful it can be!