Once again, I am posting a shoot that is over due. Perhaps one day, I’ll get around to posting some of the hundreds of photographs I’ve taken of the reason for the posting delays – my daughter Hazel. Until then, I present Hudson and his family. Hudson was born the same day as Hazel at the same hospital. I photographed Hudson before Christmas. He’s a cheerful baby boy with a fur-brother named Google.

Recently, our Mom group from the hospital got together. All of the babies have changed so much – they are all bigger, moving more, babbling, and all had a pair of tiny, sharp teeth poking up from their bottom gums. It’s amazing to see the changes. Our babies are turning into little people. You can see it in their faces. They look more like toddlers than babies now – the chubby cheeks not so rounded, heads balanced on little necks, and their curious eyes full of awareness of the world around them.

All of this change is the reason why I think photographs are such an important part of documenting our babies and children. It’s such a short part of their lives – so fleeting. Yet, as parents, one of the toughest to remember (I think) due to chronic sleep deprivation! We’re all so busy, but try to take 1/60th of a second to pause, take a photograph and appreciate the wiggly person in front of you. Take lots of pictures – you’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take. Hire a professional photographer to come and shoot a session with your family.

You can see more photographs of Hudson and family on my Facebook page: